Back to the Basics with Training

You know when you get an injury and you feel like you need to re-evaluate your training, analyze things, figure out exactly WHAT caused that injury? Well, part of that mindset I think is due to the fact that we are runners, after all. Most of us analyze our weekly mileage. We monitor how many… Continue reading Back to the Basics with Training

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Pros and Cons of Summer

When it's winter time I complain because it is so cold that I feel like no matter how many layers I put on, I am STILL cold. When it is Summer time, and the weather is hot, I complain because I walk only a few feet and I can feel sweat beginning to drip down… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Summer


Mile Repeats

It's Spring time where I live, which means rain. Although, I thought the saying was "April showers bring May flowers". Regardless, I feel like I have been running in the rain a lot recently. This is a big step for me. I used to classify myself as a "fair weather" runner. After graduating college, I… Continue reading Mile Repeats


How to Run Faster

It doesn't happen overnight.  Some have natural abilities, and may be able to run remarkably good times with little training, but even those individuals must work if they want to get faster. You put into it, what you want to get out of it. For me, I am fortunate. I believe I was born with… Continue reading How to Run Faster