Memorial Day

Happy memorial day everyone! This day truly is a sentimental┬áday. It is a day meant for us to remember those who valiantly fought for our country and lost their lives, while in active service.┬áThe history of this day began after the civil war. It was back then, known as "decoration day", or a day to… Continue reading Memorial Day

Fashion, Running

Pros and Cons of Summer

When it's winter time I complain because it is so cold that I feel like no matter how many layers I put on, I am STILL cold. When it is Summer time, and the weather is hot, I complain because I walk only a few feet and I can feel sweat beginning to drip down… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Summer


Becoming a Fashionista

Fashion is a skill I never thought I would develop. I recall as a little girl picking out my own outfits that were horrendous. Pink was my favorite color, so most of my clothes were pink. Pink remains my favorite color, and certainly can be a beautiful color in a wardrobe. However, my choices of… Continue reading Becoming a Fashionista