Carrot Frittata

Okay, I know what you are thinking...carrots? That's too healthy. Aren't they bland? I need meat! Before you make any further judgments, let me just tell you, that you should not! I can guarantee you that they will satisfy your taste buds. Carrots are a vegetable, so of course they are packed with nutrients. Did… Continue reading Carrot Frittata


Fresh Summer Salad

This past weekend, I was able to get an abundance of fresh lettuce from the Garden. There is truly nothing that beats fresh food, especially when it is straight from the ground! I decided to makeĀ a simple salad to accompany our meal, and it was so delicious, not to mention super simple! I love to… Continue reading Fresh Summer Salad


Salmon in Less Than 20 Minutes

Food planning is hard. It's hard for people like me, who are highly indecisive. Don't get me wrong, having a meal plan helps me out, but sometimes what I think sounds tasty the night before or morning of doesn't sound quite as delicious the day I plan to make the meal for dinner. I had… Continue reading Salmon in Less Than 20 Minutes