Hello fellow readers!

A little background on me: I am a runner, baker, aspiring cook, lover of Christ, and craft savant.  I have passion for science, health and well-being. I hope to deliver you an array of healthy dishes, and some maybe not so healthy, and educate you on the nutritional and food science aspect of the food. I hope to inspire you to MOVE, as exercise is so crucial to so many aspects of your health.

Read and be inspired to take some of my ideas into your own life.

Yours, truly.



81 thoughts on “About”

  1. Jolene, that is truly one of the coolest running pictures I have ever seen. Besides the obvious I especially like your look of determination as well as your downward gaze most likely willing your shoe to stay on! Glad to hear it did throughout the race. Right on! 😀

  2. Hello Jolene, I thought I’d check your blog out after you commented on mine. I crochet as well, but am also stuck on dishcloths! I have attempted a scarf, but never finished it. I was hoping I could sit and crochet while I watched TV like my aunts do, but alas, that’s not possible. I had to concentrate on the pattern too much. I never finished said scarf, but perhaps I should go back to it. I’m more of a scrapbooker and jewelry maker, but I don’t have a craft room so making stuff is hard to do since I have no where to do it.

    Good luck with your degree.

    1. Thanks Melissa!! I have really grown to appreciate my name. I like that it is unique, and when people say “Jolene” I know that they are referring to me! haha. I love the Ray LaMontagne song! I agree, the lyrics aren’t exactly in MY favor. I would never be as deceitful as the “Jolene” in the song! 🙂

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog and my recent Funfetti Chex Mix! I hope you find this easy to recreate for yourself as well. Your job sounds so tempting, yet so fabulous 🙂


    1. That chex mix looked so good! I love funfetti cupcakes, so I am sure that adding it to chex mix would be just as good! Yes, my job is great, but can definitely not be good for the waistline if you have little self-resistance! haha

  4. I also like the picture that the commenter named Randy said such good things about! You do show determination, you do look like you are willing your shoe to stay on…etc. But mostly I am looking forward to your healthy choices and also hope you will be able to beat the physical challenge you mentioned in one of your recent posts.

  5. Thank you for the like on my Blog. I love this picture of you running – I dont think I could run the length of myself being more of an indoors type of person but I admire those who do.

  6. Your ‘about’ pic reminds me of another song (although only in the title, as the content of the rest of the song is pretty different): Run Baby Run by Sheryl Crow~ 🙂 😛

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog – I love this photo! I hope one day I can get a shot like this. So far they’ve only been of me nearly dying across the finish line of 12km!

  8. Hi Jolene. Thank you for checking out my blog http://femmevolution.wordpress.com and liking my post “Open up and say ‘neigh’: Horses Help Teach Med Students”. I checked out your blog and love your healthy recipes, running writings, and about me page. I am an avid runner as well. I don’t have such a cool pic as you do on your about page. But that is just a rare masterpiece! I love to cook as well but can’t say I am a knitter. I know it is the ‘new’ hobby. I volunteer at Teen Line where I work with adolescents and many bring in knitting projects to do during down time. Anyway, keep up the great writing, running, cooking, and knitting! Sincerely, April

    1. Thanks April!! I really enjoyed reading your blog and will certainly be back to visit it again! I am glad to hear that knitting has become a “new” hobby of the future. I really enjoy it for passing time, such as on planes. I have greatly improved my speed, but still have a lot of work to do until I get to more complex patterns! haha
      Thanks for the comment on my running picture!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog, Jolene!

    I think your name is unique. .the kinda of name that will give you easy user id in yahoo or gmail without having somebody else competing for it 🙂

    And you have a unique combination of passion : running and cooking. Wow. . Anybody that i know like to cook definetly does not have a slim body or like running.

    Enjoy your running . .

    1. haha thank you for all of your kind comments!! I was always thankful that I enjoyed exercise, because otherwise, I would have fights with the weight scale!

      Thanks for coming and checking out my blog as well!

  10. Great photo!! thanks for the blog post like, I truly appreciate it! 🙂 and btw, I kick butt vocally in the shower and my car – those voice contestants have nothing on me when I’m alone !! (I wish)

    1. hahahaha!!!! Singing is one thing that I truly wish I could do well at, or at least somewhat carry a tune? I’m pretty sure my voice just sounds like a broken record, but it’s all about the effort and enthusiasm that you put into it ;)!

  11. Great picture! But I do now have Dolly Parton rattling round in my head…

    I once got as far as knitting a jumper. Unfortunately, I knitted the front one year, and the back the following year. Meanwhile my knitting tension had changed – so the back and the front weren’t the same size! To wear it, your arms had to stick out in front! He he! Hope your foot is much better very soon.

    1. Thanks! I hope you aren’t still humming it in your head ;).

      I cracked up when I read your story about the jumper! That is hilarious. I guess it doesn’t get too much wear use does it!? I am still impressed that you tackled something so ambitious! I made a watermelon slice which was very small, but was a step forward from a solid colored, square dishcloth! My watermelon slice is in “The Road to Recovery” ! It was hard to constantly switch the colors!

  12. Thanks for liking my post! I am intrigued by the phenomenon of knitting dishcloths, it seems something from American culture, because I have never seen anybody do that here in the Netherlands. Keep up the knitting, it is superrewarding! On your name: I once playbacked Dolly Parton with Jolene, so I know all the words by heart, still love the song!

    1. haha!! It must be an American thing then! My mother always uses a dishcloth to wash her dishes in the kitchen sink. She also uses them for random odds and ends things like cleaning up spills, cleaning off the mixing machine, etc.

      What is the popular thing to knit in the Netherlands?

      Knitting is definitely a great hobby! I just hope I can improve and do more than dishcloths!

  13. Hi Jolene! Thanks for being the first comment on my blog. I’m new to blogging and am trying to figure it all out. I am sorry to see that you also have an injury. I look forward to reading more about how it happened and your recovery. I wish you speedy healing!

  14. Thanks for the follow!! Looking forward to reading more about you. I’m learning to enjoy the walking/running C25K app on my phone. I haven’t made it past week 5 yet, but I will! ~ Gina

      1. The C25K app is a Couch to 5K app from Active.com and it helps you train for a 5K. It recommends you do the training 3 times a week and each week it increases the amount of time you run an decreases the amount of time you walk. I really like and but have never made it past Week 5, where you have to run for 8 minutes and you only get about a minute and a half recover walk. I’ll finish the 9 week program eventually!! Each time I get further and further I enjoy it more. I’m getting there, slowly!!

  15. Hey Jolene, thanks for checking my blog, glad you liked it, I’m just cooking leftover goose curry, will be back to check out some of your recipes, those eggplants looked great!

  16. great blog. first thing i noticed about your running picture, aside from how calm and unlike my sweating, heaving self you look – and your shoe laces! Tie ’em, i’m worried you’re gonna trip x

    1. Haha! Well at least I know there are others out there like me, who aren’t necessarily older :)! It’s a fun hobby, and can be very good, if you can make more than me – a dishcloth! haha. Although, this winter I made an infinity scarf (same easy pattern as a dishcloth, just longer), which definitely came in handy!

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