My First 5K

Okay, it was certainly NOT my first 5K, but it sure felt like it! I had surgery on my foot almost 2 years ago (August will make it 2 years). Sure, surgery fixed my foot problem that was preventing me from running, but I had a long road of recovery after surgery. Post surgery, I was on crutches for nearly 3 weeks. I then transitioned into a walking boot and wore that for a month. Due to my job, I stayed in it longer. I began running, very slowly, but with the stress of standing all day at work, as well, I had difficulty adjusting to both. Once I finally got through all of that, I had to restrengthen my foot and leg to be equal to my other. I had to run in such a way as to not cause injury, since I favored my stronger leg for awhile. Well, none of that stuff worked out as perfectly as I thought.

Two years later, and I think I have finally got my legs back. Now, the tough part is getting in shape. I’ve done it several times. And each time I try to get back in shape it is, surprisingly, a tad easier. Thankfully the years of running build upon themselves, and while it is super easy to get out of shape, it is easier to get in shape if you have a running history. So, needless to say, I am at the “getting in shape” phase. I planned to run this 5K and had high hopes for it. I had run several 3 mile time trials on a track, and had decent results. Unfortunately, running on a track is way easier than on the hilly roads. After only 1 mile, I knew I was in for a tough task. I was dead. I debated about walking. I debated about stopping. I debated about saying my breathing was out of whack, and I had to stop. I thought all sorts of stuff, but as I thought all of these things, I didn’t see any good place to stop, so I kept going. I knew if I walked, it would take me even longer to get to the finish, so I cancelled out that idea as well. I can’t even say, before I knew it, I was at mile 2, because it felt like a century until I got to mile 2! Eventually, I did get there, and I ran 45 seconds slower than my first mile. However, with my super slow 2nd mile, I was able to rejuvenate myself and run my 3rd mile 30 seconds faster than mile 2. Maybe I just went out too fast!

Whatever the issue was today, that race was HARD! It gave me good insight into what I need to do to get faster. I have some new ideas on workouts. I have newfound motivation, and I am just as excited to run the next race as I was today (before I realized how badly I would suffer)!

Lesson learned from today: never give up. Don’t let your mind talk you into things. Mental battles are way harder than physical battles. I have gained confidence from finishing today, even though it was not in the desired time I wanted to run. I DID run faster than I thought I was going to, when I was out there dogging mile 2. I am pleased with my effort, and know I have a LOT more to offer.

What has been your toughest race?

2015-06-28 14.21.14


7 thoughts on “My First 5K”

    1. I agree, they are tough! It definitely takes me a couple miles to warm-up and feel “good”. I know if I would’ve stopped, I would’ve been frustrated. But, it is so easy when you are out there suffering to WANT to stop!

  1. My hardest race has been my first ever marathon. My legs started cramping at mile 15 and no matter what I did I couldn’t get them to stop so basically walked the second half, came in pretty much last of the pack as well. And no where near my time goal. I was devastated. And still have a hard time to this day running, due to a foot injury and a mental block

    1. Wow that’s really ashame! And to have that happen at 15 miles is just terrible! That’s a long way to go. Kudos to you to finish it, though! I know for me, as I run harder workouts, I am able to gain confidence. Sometimes I need to steer away from races in order to build up confidence. I hope you are able to overcome your foot injury!

  2. My toughest race was just recently, on last Sunday! My 2nd official half marathon run in Liverpool, UK.
    I did 1st time ever my half marathon-distance run only 2 months ago on 2nd of April, so I was quiet happy I was able to improve on my pace & time a little bit already & this time I finished within 1hr & 50 mins. but it wasn’t too easy for me to handle my run on this higher average speed! Couple of time I felt I have to STOP just for a second, just to get more air/O2, just to give it a chance for my heart to rest for only a sec. … But I didn’t stop & when I was able, I did even some sprints, the best was just before the finish line on the last 1km! 😀 (One guy from the ambulance just asked me, am I OK after I crossed the finish line, ’cause I had to strongly gasping for a 1/2 minute + I had to squat for a minute after my final sprint. XD :D) I did run regularly only anyway when I was young, approx. 20 yrs ago & approx. just for a year. So I started to run regularly now again at the beginning of this yr & now I’m 34 (35yrs old in August), so I think 1:50 is not too bad time for me after only a couple of months of training. …On the other hand to be honest, I always tried to live active lifestyle, my favourite sport is still cycling, especially road cycling but now I already participated on a Duathlon race in this year & now I planning for the next year to do my 1st triathlon race ever too! 🙂 But until I have to work both on my swimming & running techniques, my target time for half marathon-distance until the end of this yr 1:40 & my ultimate goal is 1:30 what I wanna reach in the next yr asap. I wish you as well enough time for your training in the future & to reach your goals as soon as possible! 🙂 PS: My personal experience after my 2nd official half marathon (I don’t write/call yet RACE, ’cause I feel myself not enough fast yet to consider myself as racer in running.^^) are exactly the same in running as in cycling: It never gets easier, I just run faster! XD 😀

    1. Wow it sounds like you have some great goals!! I think you can certainly achieve them. It is always good to have something to aim for.
      I know exactly what you mean when you said it never gets easier. It truly doesn’t! But you see progress in your times, and those times you used to run are certainly easier :). Keep up the great work!

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