Memorial Day

Happy memorial day everyone! This day truly is a sentimental day. It is a day meant for us to remember those who valiantly fought for our country and lost their lives, while in active service. The history of this day began after the civil war. It was back then, known as “decoration day”, or a day to place flowers on graves of those whose lives had been sacrificed. In 1971, the day became official, and was declared a day to remember those who lost their lives in any American battle, not just the civil war, on the last Monday in May.

Most Americans today are off of work to honor those individuals’ lives. Traditionally barbecues, parades, and family get togethers, are at the forefront of this Holiday. Running races are now, also beginning to sprout up everywhere for this Holiday. Exercise before the barbecue?

At times I like to lounge around in my workout clothes, because, let’s be honest that is an entire wardrobe for me, in and of itself. However, when I have an opportunity, I do like to dress to the occasion. For the memorial day Holiday, I found the perfect outfit that was roomy for my “oops-I-ate-way-too-much-at-the-barbecue”, and classy. I found these white shorts from Loft. I also splurged and got a pair in tan. Light colors speak Sumer and warm weather to me. Also, they don’t hold the heat, like darker clothes! For my shirt, I chose a soft denim shirt that I found during last Summer season. I found two models almost identical to it at Jcrew, which I have linked above.

What have you done on your memorial day?



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