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Pros and Cons of Summer

When it’s winter time I complain because it is so cold that I feel like no matter how many layers I put on, I am STILL cold. When it is Summer time, and the weather is hot, I complain because I walk only a few feet and I can feel sweat beginning to drip down my face, okay maybe not that extreme.

I know how my mind works. I can survive in one environment for so long, but eventually I need a change. Change can be good, but it can also be scary. In terms of weather change, well I suppose it can be both good and scary (ahem 3 feet of snow like we had this past winter).

Needless to say, I am certainly ready for warm weather. With it comes different outfits, breezy, Summer dresses, flowy tanks, shorts, etc. It also brings a whole new world to one of my, if not my, top hobby, running. Running is a sport that fits very differently on everyone. For me, running fits best on me, surprisingly, in the winter. Although I have great difficulty getting myself out of the door, I usually find my times are much faster in the winter time. During the Summer, I struggle. The humidity and my breathing are the worst, but then there is also, ensuring I am adequately hydrated, putting on sunscreen, bug spray, and so on.

This past week was a huge change from the weather that has been existing. My body had to adjust from rainy mid 50’s to 60’s weather to 80’s to 90’s. Yup, it was tough. I had a few runs this past week where I got half way and truly was not sure if I would be able to make it back. Fortunately I did. One of my runs, I did have to take a few walk breaks, which included a restroom stop, because it just looked like a good idea, and when the hills just got too steep. Oh my word, that run was so hard! Thankfully the worst hill was right at the end. I ran up that hill, got halfway, and ¬†just had to walk. The walk sure felt good. The few steps gave me enough rejuvenation to finish the course.

Although the heat is certainly taking a toll on my running, I am absolutely digging the shorts and tanks. One of my favorite tank tops I dug out of my closet speaks Summer all over. It’s flowy and lightweight, perfectly designed to allow my body to continue to cool off after those hot runs. Showers, unfortunately don’t fix that problem as quickly as I’d like :).



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