Facing the Middle Obstacles

Today marks the middle of the week. The middle of anything, whether it be a week, a workout, etc. always seems like the toughest part. When you begin a task, you have a lot of energy. When you are approaching the end of a task, you may have low energy, but you know that the end is in sight. When you are in the middle of a task, the end is still far away, and your energy is already depleted.

I can recall these middle slumps very well. It doesn’t affect me too badly during the work week. Most times, by the time I make it to Wednesday, I am pretty happy, because there are only 2 days remaining, which truly doesn’t sound like much. There are those weeks, though, when I make it to Wednesday, and think, how in the world is it only Wednesday? Putting a positive spin on things certainly helps to keep me going.

These middle slumps are especially hard for me when I am running a workout. Last weekend I ran a 3 mile tempo run, or faster run that is not exactly an all out race pace. The first mile I almost feel like I run it blindly. I have all sorts of energy, generally don’t look at my watch until I am well into the mile, and before I know it, my watch beeps to tell me that mile is done. The second mile is a different story. With this mile, I am trying to maintain the pace of the first mile, which is now harder. I am trying to make it through an entire mile, so that mentally I can tell myself, only one more. And finally, it’s easiest to quit in this mile, because the end seems far away. A lot of times when I run, I am a huge mental case, so I constantly have to think up positive ways for me to look at things. For this mile, I broke it down into laps, instead of thinking about having another whole mile left. With each successive lap, I checked them off. This seemed to work well for me, and it seemed better for me to think about 1/4 miles, than a mile.

It’s amazing how much that mental game can affect you, in any life situation. Running has taught me a lot, and it has certainly helped me to retrain my way of thinking.

Regardless, I look forward to this weekend, and wearing this comfortable shirt that I got from Nordstrom. I sized up in the shirt, so that it was roomier. The material is incredibly soft, and the design is super cute. It’s a perfect shirt to wear when you are lounging, or it can be dressed up with a pair of jeans for a night out.





2 thoughts on “Facing the Middle Obstacles”

  1. Your shirt is absolutely gorgeous, and I am not a running but recently I have been running a little bit longer distances to get in shape this summer. And for me running is such a mental game I start off way to strong and why the end I have no energy left in the tank to even move my feet. This was such a great tip!

    1. Thank you, so much! Haha, I definitely understand what you mean by starting out too fast. I have done that before, and it is terrible when you get to the end of your run or race with zero energy. I hope that the tip helps you out :).

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