Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

20170507_195941Tyson This past weekend I planned to have friends over for dinner. My day was pretty jam packed already, but I hadn’t seen this group of friends in quite some time, so I didn’t want to pass the opportunity by. I hosted dinner, which meant most of the work fell on me. Since my day was fairly full, I wanted to make something quick, although a little voice inside me badly wanted to make things from scratch, I just didn’t have time.

I settled on buffalo chicken sandwiches. I found frozen buffalo chicken strips made by Tyson in the grocery store, that were PERFECT for turning into a sandwich. This find made my meal incredibly easy. I baked the chicken strips according to package directions (15-20 minutes), put the chicken tender on a roll, added a slice of cheese, a piece of lettuce and some ranch dressing. My friends brought sweet potato fries that they got in the freezer section of the grocery store as well, and they were delicious!

I did choose to do one more labor intensive step. I made my own rolls. I found a quick and easy recipe from Taste of Home that didn’t take long for me to make. This allowed me to get my fix of homemade cooking, while still allowing the ease of prepping the rest of the meal.



  1. make bread according to recipe. You may add sesame seeds, garlic powder, onion powder, and poppy seeds for an “everything” roll.
  2. Bake chicken strips according to package directions.
  3. Once chicken is baked, place in homemade bun. Add cheese, lettuce and ranch dressing.



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