Perfect Spring Dress

Where I live, rain is common during the Spring season. I’m not quite sure how I feel about rain. I like the effects that rain produces – green grass, lush vegetation, etc. However, I am not as fond of the gloomy skies that often accompany the rain. I do’t know if I could live in a location where it rains almost every day. I need to see the sun! There is something to be said about a Summer rainstorm, though. The quick burst of rain, that cools off a hot Summer night is fascinating. As a child I remember the excitement of Summer thunderstorms. The thunder and lightning was scary! My dog at the time agreed, and hid under the bed!

This past weekend, I did not have quite as much excitement as what a Summer thunderstorm brings. I was in day 2 out of 3 of gloomy, rainy weather. I did have some excitement when my dress I ordered online was delivered on Saturday. What perfect timing! The bright orange color was the perfect addition of brightness I needed for the dreary day. It also helped that I had a hot date that evening at the movies.

As you will begin to understand my fashion, I am all about comfort. The material of this dress was stretchy and very soft. It is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The laser-cut detail on the dress added enough pizzazz to make the dress look classy.  I’ve been seeing this laser-cut detail on a variety of dresses this season. The nice thing with browsing for clothing online is that you have a very wide variety of things that you can choose. Although, this could also be deadly for the wallet! One thing I find useful, is I like to set a budget. I also try to look at my wardrobe and ask myself, is this something I really need? This dress was so cute and dainty, I had no choice but to get it 🙂 ! I will certainly get my money’s worth out of it.

What is your favorite type of weather?
What is your favorite thing to wear on a rainy day?



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