Becoming a Fashionista

Fashion is a skill I never thought I would develop. I recall as a little girl picking out my own outfits that were horrendous. Pink was my favorite color, so most of my clothes were pink. Pink remains my favorite color, and certainly can be a beautiful color in a wardrobe. However, my choices of pink in my wardrobe definitely did not work. My favorite was my hot pink pair of sweatpants. I wore these at least once a week when I was in middle school. These weren’t just any sweatpants, either. They were the kind that swished, and made noise when you walk. So if the color did not stand out enough, the noise of my pants sure did!

Sorry, Mom, but you are by no means a fashionista. Her bottom line in fashion is comfort. Elastic waistbands, sneakers, and a polyester type of shirt material is her go to. She certainly did not help my poor choices when I was growing up, but she did still have an influence on me.

Some days I enjoy looking elegant. Some days I enjoy wearing comfortable athletic clothes, and other days I enjoy the in-between outfits that are comfortable, yet still look feminine, and dressy. I must admit, I like stretchy pants, elastic waist bands, and polyester type materials. At times, it is tough to find outfits that provide these things. But, for me, it is totally worth going the extra mile to find comfort, rather than being uncomfortable.

I would like to begin sharing with all of you, my own developed fashion – simple, elegant, comfortable. My outfit below, is super comfortable! The dress is the perfect fit for me, and is made from polyester. I also like the flowy nature of the dress. The shoes are equally as comfortable. They are flats, but have a small amount of cushioning in them, and are made of a soft, flexible material. Most flats do not have cushioning in them. Further, the soft, flexible material conforms to my foot, compared to other flats I have tried that rub the skin on my heel. I have never had that issue with these! I tied the outfit together with a thick, black belt, that of course, is also stretchy! I got this belt a long time ago, and can’t recall where I got it from. But, one of my favorite stores, Nordstrom has a variety of beautiful belts to choose from!

Dress: From Charlie Paige
Shoes: From Skechers Bobs
Belt: Check out Nordstrom



3 thoughts on “Becoming a Fashionista”

  1. Gorgeous outfit, I really like how the black belt contrasts with the print! I think my mum has a very ‘comfortable’ style too but she doesn’t mind if I dress up haha, but she’ll always ask ‘are you cold?’ or ‘you won’t be able to walk in those shoes’ if I go too ott 😉

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