The Role of Salt in Scrambled Eggs

There are few things I put salt on or in. My Father has a heart condition. This is the ONE group of the population that truly has to watch their sodium intake.

Your body is an efficient machine. As I learned in my physiology class in college, if you eat too much salt, your kidneys work efficiently to eliminate the salt or regulate the balance of salt and water in your body. Imagine yourself eating a delicious plate of salty French fries. I’m sure in accompaniment to those fries you have a large glass of water on hand. That is because salty foods trigger your thirst response. Your body recognizes that it needs water to balance out the sodium. You may also notice that you urinate more frequently if you consume a lot of salty foods. That is because your kidneys work to get rid of the extra sodium. Sodium is also lost through perspiration.

Many recipes call for salt. While it is generally in very small quantities, I usually eliminate it, because of my Father. Salt, though, has a variety of effects on food. For this blog post, I will discuss it’s role in cooking eggs.

Ahh, the weekend is here, and it is time to have a delicious breakfast that you can take your time to cook. Let’s cook scrambled eggs!  Eggs are one of the few items that I add salt to. So, is there a right time to add salt to your scrambled eggs? Yes, in fact there is!  If salt is added to eggs before scrambling them, it yields a more tender egg product. This is because the salt changes the charge on the protein in the egg. This change in charge decreases the bonding of the protein molecules, and therefore creates a more tender final structure. The eggs have less tendency to overcook in this manner.

Certainly, you can add salt after your eggs are cooked. However, adding salt before they are cooked does help to reduce the toughness or ability to overcook the eggs. Since it’s the weekend, and you have time, try making two small batches – one that you salt before and one that you salt after. See if you have a preference!


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