Setting Goals as an Athlete

I believe that every athlete has high aspirations for themselves. It just comes with the nature of being in competition. Goals drive me. I love dreaming of accomplishing what I want to achieve. I enjoy challenging myself along the way with hopes of achieving that goal. And when that goal finally is accomplished, it is extremely rewarding.

My longest standing goal to date arose when I was a high school freshman. I was far from the best runner. I believe my best time in the 800 meter run was a 2:50, and I was exhausted at the end of that effort. That year, I watched the high school state championships. I was so inspired by the caliber of athletes that were there. I decided that before I graduated high school, I would be at that meet, as a qualified individual. Lo and behold, it took me all 4 years of high school, and as a senior I made it to that meet. I didn’t make it to the meet in just the 800 meter run. I also qualified in two separate relays, the 3200 meter relay, and the 1600 meter relay. My end result was a 7th place podium finish in the 800 meter run. Four years of hard work. Four years of dreaming. Four years of endless prayers. It worked. My hard work paid off.

Now as a post college runner, I have different aspirations. I have personal best times I hope to beat. I have races I hope to qualify for. Most importantly, though, I have each and every day to just enjoy running. I hope to conquer my goals, no matter how long they may take.  But, if I don’t, the journey that I experience along the way helps to build my character as a person.


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