Exercise Offers Immediate Benefits

When running is absent from my life, I almost become sluggish, and don’t feel like I have as much energy. It seems counterintuitive. How could exercise make you have MORE energy? Exercise is a complex thing. It can affect so many aspects of the human body. I have heard the saying “if exercise were a pill, it would be the most sought after medication”.

A study done in 2013 researched individuals and the effect exercise had on what is called high arousal positive affect, and low arousal positive affect. High arousal moods are for example, happiness and excitement. Whereas, relaxation is a low arousal mood.  This study found that exercise increased the amount of high arousal positive affect, and decreased low arousal positive affect. The study also showed that after exercise the reaction time of the individuals that had exercised was increased. Exercise displayed immediate benefits.

Exercise is hard. It’s hard sometimes to get the motivation to get started. I always stress that making a goal is a good way to motivate yourself to exercise. It serves as a constant reminder of why you are exercising, and helps to encourage you to keep striving towards that goal.

Do you feel exercise helps you feel more motivated, and have more energy?


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