Being Thankful For What You Have

“When you need, God knows. When you ask, God listens. When you believe, God works.”

I am a witness to this above statement in myself and those close to me multiple times. It is hard sometimes to be faced with circumstances, and not know where to go. I seek God for comfort, for hope, for my life circumstances. My life is pretty simple, and I’m fortunate for that. I work a full time job. I have an amazing family. I have 2 great passions that run a lot of my life – running and cooking. I enjoy running, and when that factor of my life is broken or missing, I feel as though I am missing a part of me. Although, over the years, I have realized that this running has turned into just being active – walking and swimming are high up on my list. So when I can’t be active, I am really missing a big part of myself.

Most recently I faced a foot injury that resulted in foot surgery. This takes a long time to recover from as muscle deficits develop from being non-weight bearing for a number of weeks. Then you’ve got the walking boot after that, and that in and of itself can create problems – I developed a hip flexor tendonitis from wearing my walking boot! But eventually, I was able to get myself out there on the roads, and got myself into shape. Unfortunately, a fluke incident on a run resulted in my quad deciding it needed a break. I am still unsure what I did, but I believe I may have developed a minor strain. I tried doing all sorts of different things when this injury first came about. I tried strengthening that area with exercises. I tried stretching. I tried foam rolling. Slowly I began making my injury worse! I got to the point that because of the muscle that was injured, it was somewhat painful to walk. This left me to being inactive, and in pain.

It was at that moment that I realized just how incredibly fortunate I am. I thought about those that truly have chronic pain. I thought about those with illnesses, with chronic injuries, those whom are in accidents, etc. I knew my pain would go away. It drove me nuts not knowing when I would be able to walk without pain, or run again, but I knew that day would come. And so I turned to God. I prayed, and then I began really praying with passion. I began trying to be smarter about my injury and doing the right things to aid it to go away. I believed. I had faith, and just like that, honestly my pain dissipated. Okay, okay. It did take a number of weeks, but it honestly felt like by the time I got to where I needed to be, my pain just dissipated overnight.

I began running again this past weekend, just in time for the glorious Spring weather. I came back at the perfect time to running, and I couldn’t be happier. Each day that I am able to be active is a true gift to me.







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