Workout Videos to Keep You in Shape

I’ve been hot and cold with running. One day my body decides it likes it, then the next day it brutally refuses against it, thinking up what pain it can construe up next. I’m struggling right now to get back into a daily running routine due to my lack of base and over-zealous attitude. I’m telling you, once you begin running and get bit by the running bug, you have difficulty getting rid of it! Over the past several years I have had two foot surgeries, which caused ensuing injuries, as I tried to regain my previous fitness without a base. FYI that doesn’t work. You NEED a base. You know the Meghan Trainor song, “It’s all about that bass”? It really is all about that BASE in running!

Alright, so let’s go back to when I first began running post foot surgery. It was back in October 2015. I ran for 2 months, but due to work, standing the majority of the day and not having adequate muscle strength, I developed a stress fracture. Okay, injury #1. That sidelined me from February until May. I began running again in May, and was okay until July. Injury #2 struck – a hip flexor tendonitis. After dealing with that for 2 months, I decided to go see a doctor. A higher dose of anti-inflammatory medication did the trick and after my 2 week course, it was gone! Prayer also helped :). Just in time to come back to running in gorgeous, cooler Fall weather. I began running again in early Fall around September. I built up my mileage, well rather fast, and before I knew it, I was running about 40 miles a week! I had also gained my speed back and in fact had surpassed my previous shape I used to be in. I was running workouts faster, and feeling good doing those workouts. Unfortunately those few months wore on my body and one harmless walk wearing heavy boots stirred up that hip flexor again. I have been dealing with hip flexor tendonitis off and on for a couple of months now. I have been able to run through some of it, but most recently decided to allow my body to fully rest to get rid of this thing.

As some of you may know, a tendonitis takes a LONG time to go away. It is prudent to identify the area where tendonitis is present, and what can be done to fix that area. In my situation, a hip flexor muscle tendonitis can be caused from overuse, weak muscles, and tight muscles. I believe two things were against me here: overuse and weak muscles. The iliopsoas muscle is a large muscle that does a brunt of work in daily activities. Lifting your leg as you do in running and walking is driven by the iliopsoas muscle. If you have muscle deficits as you may in your glute muscles, the iliopsoas picks up the slack for this muscle and will also work to lift your leg from side to side. This puts greater strain on the iliopsoas muscle. Muscle strengthening is key to fixing this issue. I turned my attention to an awesome workout video that literally targets any muscle group you can think of. The workouts can range in time, so if you only have about 10 minutes, you can find a very effective 10 minute workout. Believe me, you’ll be feeling the workout videos!

As I often forget, I plan to incorporate strength training into my future running plans. This will hopefully derail future injuries, as my legs will be more balanced and stronger. I challenge you to try one of the workout videos!


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