The Daily Grind of Running

I’ve had an interesting running career to say the least. I began running when I was a little elementary school kid. I ran the 50 meter dash, even though I had zero leg speed for that short of a distance. Eventually I moved up to the 800 meters when I was in high school and college. I DID develop leg speed for this event and through years of hard work was able to place at the state championship meet my final year in high school. In college I didn’t have as much success but was fortunate to run for both a division II and division I school. Eventually I moved on from the 800 meters, tried to retire from running, but came back to it full force in the likes of half marathons and marathons. Since then I have dealt with anatomical foot issues that sidelined me for roughly 4 years total.

I look back on my previous running state. The fitness I had brimming off of division I training. The build-up of training to get to marathon fitness, and the pure ability I had to just run fast and feel good. I desire to get back to those levels. Getting back in shape is very hard. I can utilize those memories as frustration for losing a lot of ground with fitness and training. I can look back at those abilities and wonder if I will ever “be able to run like that again?”  On the flip side I can utilize those memories to fuel me to continue to drill myself to work hard, because I know the only thing that is impossible about my goals, is to not try.

And so when I get injured, or run into small bumps in the road, I look at the grand picture. It is important to allow your body the time it needs to heal. The fitness will come. The times will come. I’ve got to focus on the here and now, and run with the ability I have for today, and strive for new abilities tomorrow. After all, it is about the journey, right?


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