Tempo Run Workout

After approximately a month of sporadic running due to a foot tendonitis injury, I came back to running full cycle last week. Not surprisingly for myself, I signed up for a race this Spring. Not just a race, but a FULL MARATHON! What in the world was I thinking?? It didn’t help that my brother and his wife also signed up for this marathon. Peer pressure is a real thing. It’s what got me to do my first every marathon. It’s what got me hooked on this marathon stuff to begin with. And I can’t complain. I applaud that peer pressure that started all of this, because it brings me great joy.

I decided to pick up my training plan that I had designed and ease back into it. I did a short workout today: 2 mile warm-up, 3 mile tempo run, 2 mile cool-down. It gave me a total of 7 miles, and a nice kick of speed in the middle. I chose to make this run as easy as possible on myself and meandered over to a track for the 3 mile tempo run. Let’s look at how this workout even began.

I set my alarm for 5:30, but couldn’t pull myself out of bed until 5:40 when my cat nibbled at my leg, BEGGING for breakfast. Thanks Nutmeg. I got out of bed, fed her, got dressed and out the door by 6:10. I don’t know how 30 minutes disappeared so fast. I drove to the track and still felt half asleep. I did my 2 mile warm-up in snail speed, and realized when I got to 2 miles I would not yet be at the track. “That’s okay.” I thought. “I will just start before I get to the track.” My watch beeped at 2 miles and I began what felt like a sprint. When I got to the track I realized I was not running much faster than the warm-up. To my dismay I had to really pick up the pace for the next 3/4 of a mile to yield a decent first mile. First mile. Check.

Second mile I had company on the track. Who else was crazy enough to be out here exercising before the sun came up?? Well, at least I knew I couldn’t be that crazy. Second mile flew by, and actually the people helped distract my mind from focusing on my tiring body.

Third mile. GET ME DONE, as evidenced by picking up the pace. I don’t know where I found that extra energy.  However, I do know by the third mile I was fully awake and aware of what I was making myself do. But, before I knew it, I was done with that mile as well. It also helped that I ran in lane 6 so that I could do a touch over 3 laps instead of 4 to yield a mile. Funny how the mind works!

Now that I am done with the workout I am happy, proud, and have gained confidence in myself. Sometimes it is not always exciting to do an exercise routine, because you know it is going to be hard. But I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone be disappointed that they worked out. Of course, maybe that’s those endorphins talking :).

What is your favorite workout? Are you excited to do the workout, or are you intimidated?

I challenge all of you to begin with 1 simple workout within the next week. Try to make it a weekly habit! Think about all of the endorphins you’ll get and confidence you’ll gain!



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