Soup Night


I inherited all of these random soup mixes from my Mother’s cabinet. Mainly because she didn’t use them, and I felt bad seeing the lonely jars sitting there month after month. So into my “grocery cart” aka bag, they jumped, and they whisked away to my house.

Soup is one of those cozy meals that warm the soul on chilly evenings. I can’t say I exactly crave soup during the Summertime. Who wants to eat hot soup on a 90 degree day!? There is one soup, though, a cold strawberry soup, that is to die for. I would eat that soup on a Summer day. And the cold temperature of the soup certainly helps.

So, what kind of soup is best for those cold, cozy evenings?  Not only are there all sorts of flavors of soup, there are also a variety of methods the soup can be made – from a can, from a mix of dry ingredients, or of course from scratch. I have tried all three methods for different soup flavors, and would pick my method based on how much time I have, not necessarily flavor. I have found the flavor from all three methods to provide satisfying results.

I digressed. Let’s get back to that jar of dry soup mix that jumped into my bag. This soup mix was a wild rice and barley soup. All dry ingredients, including spices were in a ball jar. The only addition that was needed was some water, heat and time. The soup took roughly 1 hour to cook. This was due to the rice needing time to get tender.

The soup came out beautifully, and was very tasty. I wish I had a recipe to share, but my palate is not that good :). My piece of advice to share is that if you do decide to make soup, try getting a dry soup mix for something different. They usually sell them at specialty shops. It involves very little labor and can provide a fairly quick meal.




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