The Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving has come and passed already! Last Thursday I was one of those crazy people burning off a few extra calories in the morning before engorging myself with food. LOTS of it!

I remember doing turkey trots when I was in high school. That was a good 10 years ago already! Back then, I remember going to a turkey trot near my hometown that had around 200 runners. That’s a lot! But compared to what races have grown to today, that is hardly any. Today that race has well over 2,000 runners. WOW! That same race was an hour away from where my hometown was. Now, there are turkey trots EVERYWHERE! There is one that is only 10 minutes from my hometown. Convenient? Definitely. Convincing? Absolutely! You can’t pass down a 5K that is that close!

So how did the turkey trot start? Well, surprisingly it started way back in 1896 in Buffalo, NY. Six runners competed on a dirt oval that measured 8km. From 1947 on, Buffalo, NY held an annual turkey trot. This has become one of the largest turkey trot events, hosting 8,000 runners. The largest turkey trot race is held in Sacramento California, with over 22,000 people. That’s quite a difference from that mere race I did back in the day with 200 participants!

So there you have it. A little knowledge about how this crazy tradition began. It seems to serve as a fun family outing, or friend meet up for those who may live elsewhere from where they grew up. This was my first 5K I have ran in almost a year, and it was certainly tough! I would say that I earned my turkey that day :).

Did any of you participate in a turkey trot? If so, how large was your turkey trot?


5 thoughts on “The Turkey Trot”

  1. Im orginally from NJ our local trot there is no more than 200 racers, I now live in Myrtle Beach and there were over 2000! Crazy! I have to agree with you that I earned my turkey that day also! Happy running xx

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