Getting motivated is too often a very hard thing to do. OR, if you are motivated, sometimes about halfway through a task that motivation fades. Let’s rewind a week. I had an unusual amount of energy and became very excited to clean (yeah I’m not sure where that came from). I got halfway through cleaning the house and decided I no longer had motivation to clean nor was I very excited about it. However, I was already halfway through, and at that point wanted to just complete my task. I did, and I felt great and accomplished afterwards.

So what is the secret to get motivated? That’s a tough question. So many people ask me why I run, and what motivates me to run. It’s a daunting sport, especially if you decide to do a workout. My secret to garnering motivation is picking something that is reasonable for me to achieve. I ran track and cross country throughout high school and college. It truly burned me out from the hard, rigorous workouts. As I found my way back to running, there was something I left out of running – those hard, rigorous workouts. I am not by any means motivated to do those, well maybe once in a blue moon. There are times when I plan to do a faster run, then right before I step out the door to go run, I become intimidated / unmotivated. Instead of beating myself up and telling myself I better run fast, I mentally convince myself that it is OK to just have an easy, slower run. Fortunately for the way my brain works, this ease allows me to relax and I usually end up running fast (I think my brain already has it set that it will be going fast that day unless I truly am too tired).

So here’s my go to list for how to get motivated for a run or a daily household chore:

  1. make a small goal for yourself – if you are going to clean, tell yourself you’ll at least dust the furniture and you can vacuum later (maybe you’ll be like me and once you begin, you’ll think it’s silly to just stop); if you plan to go for a run and run a faster run, try to convince yourself to just run a short amount at a faster pace – perhaps do 10x 1 minute pick ups with a 2 minute jog in between.
  2. Don’t put a lot of stress on yourself – if you don’t complete your task, it’s OK! There is always tomorrow. Don’t pressure yourself to get your job done that very day, but try to at least get part of it done. That small bit may motivate you to do a little bit more :).
  3. Remember that once you are done with your task you will feel good about yourself. You just have to get through the hard task of your job. Sometimes I picture myself running a tough workout then having a reward of just laying in the soft, fluffy grass when I’m done. Pick a good reward or task to do after you complete your task!

What do you do to motivate yourself?


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