Grilled Eggplant sandwich with tomato and fresh mozzarella

YUM!  I never dreamed this recipe idea would turn out so good, but it was delicious!

HUGE eggplants at the store! The one I used for this recipe was not this big, because it was from my garden, but these would make a great sandwich!

Since I cannot exercise MUCH, and still have a terrible sweet tooth, I have to TRY to eat healthy, and control my dessert portions! AHH, it is incredibly hard.  But I am learning, and garnering some willpower in the process.

For dinner tonight, I grilled slices of eggplant with olive oil and an Italian type seasoning, then made it into a sandwich with tomato slices and fresh mozzarella. Both the eggplant and tomato were grown in my own garden!  Talk about being fresh off the plant!  The tomatoes looked weird, but had fantastic flavor.  They were called “yellow stuffer tomatoes”.

slices of tomato which looks like a pepper, and fresh mozzarella slices


They had no seeds in them and were easy to slice. I would highly recommend them.  The eggplant acted as the “bun”, then the tomato and mozzarella were stuffed in between. eggplant sandwiches 2


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