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4000 meter swim

During this month that I have been missing from my blog, I have been keeping busy with various things. Oddly enough, I got really into swimming and had a very strong desire to complete a 4000 meter swim.  I had previously done a 3500 meter swim workout, so knew that I could swim 4000 meters.  In my head, I just had this need to complete 4000 meters.

After several attempts at completing the 4000 meters, I finally reached the day where I knew it was going to happen.  It was a Sunday, which meant no work, no responsibilities, no nothing.  All I had to do was swim my 4000 meters.  In reality, this wasn’t much more than a long run.  However, swimming was hard for me.  It was easier for me to lace up my sneakers and just hit the pavement.  And running came easy to me, because I had done it essentially my entire life.  This whole swimming workout thing was very new to me.

Generally, I did workouts with a small group of people.  However, on this chosen Sunday, I was left solo.  I had to pull motivation out of somewhere to get me through it.

The minute I hopped in the pool and began swimming my 500 meter warm-up, I decided I would not swim 4000 meters.  It was just too much, too hard, and too draining to do something of that nature.  After all, I really wasn’t a swimmer, and 4000 meters is a lot!

So off I went.  I began my long trek to the end, and somehow, someway pulled out a 4000 meter swim!  Where I got this motivation from?  I have no idea.  I was pooped by the end!

WARM UP: 500 swim;

400 swim, hard (I did this around 6:45)

Distance workout (main set)

2 x 400  on the 6:30   1:25 pace

4 x 200  on the 3:30   1:23 pace

8 x 100  on the 2:00   1:20 pace                2400

3  x (200 swim) recovery :30 rest     

600 kick

Warm Down                                              


Total   4,000 meters


I got this workout from a friend, who is much faster than me.  I could not hit any of these times.  I was swimming my 50 meters in about 50 seconds.  I also cut down on the rest, and usually took around 10 secs between everything, simply because i just wanted to get done!


If you attempt this workout, good luck!  Let me know how it goes!


What is your favorite workout to do?  (swimming, running, biking?) (what specifically do you do?)


10 thoughts on “4000 meter swim”

  1. Wow. That is impressive. You have been through a lot with the pf. I understand the impatience, no surgery for me but I’m on the comeback from an injury. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. Sure! I enjoyed reading your blog! Yes, I have certainly been through a lot with this injury! I never thought an injury could be so deadly! haha. I am glad you did not have to get surgery for your injury. It’s no fun. Good luck to you with your comeback :)!

  2. I swim a lot but because I’m having a lot of complications with my hip recovery. My PT and surgeon have different theories on how to treat my leg length discrepancy and I’m off to get a third opinion but in the meantime I developed a bad case of bursitis and my knee is suffering the consequences. So I might try this workout Sunday. I can’t hit any of these times, my kick is compromised on my right side but I can hold my own for an old lumpy lady. I try to average 1:45ish/100m for a straight 4km swim so a broken up workout, hopefully I can get those times down.

    1. I cannot hit those times at all either! I am actually slower than you! I usually swim about 1:50/100 meters, when I am by myself. If I swim with others I am faster, but for this workout, I swam alone.
      I feel your pain with trying to do something but being physically limited.
      Swimming should be fine for your knee, because you don’t move it a whole lot (at least I don’t feel like you do).
      I had actually tried running a week before my surgery and was delighted to find my running times were relatively fast. Hang in there!
      Keep me posted on your workout 🙂

      1. Swimming is great for knees! It’s hit and miss on my hip if I swim hard, anything faster than 40 seconds on a 50 for speed work. The hip definitely gets stiff after 2 miles but not anything debilitating. I can’t imagine doing a push-off from a wall turn or flip turn with a gimpy foot though. OWWWW. And I rely on my duck feet for dolphin kicks! I’m 8 months post surgery and nowhere close to running. The Runner’s World old forum had a great labral tear with femoral acetabular impingement support group but they revamped and 800+ posts just on that topic alone disappeared. Patience is all I can practice on running for now. I hope your post-surgery recovery goes much smoother than mine.

      2. Wow 8 months is crazy!!! I could see 3 months, but I would never dream a recovery time of that long.

        Yes for my swimming, I cannot even do flip turns! And I used my normal foot to push off the wall. It was hard at first to transition to only using one foot,but I became used to it. Before I knew it, it was just routine to me to do that.

        I hope that you can find someone that can help you out with your recovery. Do you know what typical recovery time is?

      3. People with labral tears on the RW board were running in 4-6 months but there were a few posters where it took a year, especially with the FAI which is like a heel spur but on your hip. I was hoping to be in the first group! The worst of the group developed a tear in the other hip not too long after recovering the other side. I definitely don’t want to be in that situation. Patience patience patience.

        What’s the recovery time on your foot?

        I tried aqua jogging. I thought I was having a psychotic episode because it was worse than the treadmill.

      4. I couldn’t aqua jog at all with my problem either! And aqua jogging was harder for me than running. It seemed very odd to me also.

        I am unsure of my recovery time. I was told two weeks on crutches, then 4 weeks of PT. But, I do not think I will be ready to go in four weeks in terms of running. Perhaps another month,making it 2.5 months since surgery. I am at one month since my surgery yesterday.

      5. I can only aqua jog successfully in the deep end and I have to tether myself to a hook on the wall or the ladder. I did it 30min x 3 x 3 weeks and was bored to tears. I watched water zumba and wanted to throw water balloons. Kids stepped on my glasses. I got weird calf cramps. I thought it was a new circle in Dante’s hell.

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