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Awards are always a good thing

What better way to start a new week, than with an exciting award! I was nominated for the second time for the liebster award!  Thank you for the nomination!

When I received this award the first time around I was shocked, and beyond excited to have received an award for my blog.  To get it two times, is awesome!  I love reaching milestones, such as this.



Kaela is a fun, adventurous writer who blogs about the daily musings of life in general.  She is a busy blogger, balancing her life as a mother and college student, while chasing her passions. 

My guess is that Kaela must have been studying a bit too hard when she selected my blog for the award ;).  She may have not had her full sense of brain power! Thank you, Kaela for being a college student! haha 

In order to complete this award, I must answer five questions that Kaela asked of her chosen blogs:

1. What is your favorite food?  Definitely ice cream!
2. Toilet paper over or under? OVER!  Being under drives me nuts.  It just feels backwards.
3. Favorite movie? Chick flicks, probably “How to lose a guy in ten days”
4. If you could meet one famous person from any point in history, who would it be and why?
5. What would your ideal Friday night include? A nice summer-ish evening, with dinner outside, followed by dancing

Normally you choose 11 questions and 11 other blogs to receive this award.  Kaela was very kind and only gave me 5 questions!  While fun to answer, they can be time consuming.  I have chosen 11 blogs, because there are just too many to choose.  I would love to give the award to so many of you!

To the following 11 blogs, I am nominating you for the Liebster award!

  1. – Black Wolf – posts that make you think
  2. – A Runner’s Story – As a fellow runner, I find a draw to reading other runner’s experiences, tribulations and successes
  3. – The Adventurous Observer – A variety of inspiring quotes, life lessons and fun adventures
  4. – Sneaker Therapy – Eating and running – my favorite combo!
  5. – M7 Adaptive Fitness – Training tips for physical fitness
  6. – The trail less traveled – A military wife making her way into the running scene
  7. – Fresh Beginnings and Apple Pie – A variety of fun adventures
  8. – Chubby White Girl – Inspirational blog on her efforts to shed some pounds
  9. – Tough Mudder of 4 – Who couldn’t like this blog with that catchy name? – Blogging about her path to get physically fit – inspiring journey! 
  10. – My First Patient – Since I have an interest in health and medicine, I always enjoy reading others journey’s in the profession. A medical student documents the crazy life of a medical student
  11. – Chronicles of a SAHM (or stay at home mom) – Fun reading material for all of the craziness that life brings you.  She is also a triathlete (something that I may consider doing, once this foot problem goes away!)


Now for you fellow bloggers that I have nominated, you must answer the following questions.  In regular Liebster Award rules, I provide you with 11 questions.  But as mentioned before, Kaela gave me 5 to answer which seemed like a better amount.  It’s much faster to answer 5 questions :)!

  1. What is your favorite meal? (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)
  2. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
  3. If you could go to the Olympics in one sport, which would you choose?
  4. Jeans or sweatpants?
  5. Cats or dogs?


On a side note, does anyone know how to tag blogs? I inserted links into my blogs, but did not know how to make them just say “Miss Once Upon A Marathon” for instance, instead of the whole “http://…”


27 thoughts on “Awards are always a good thing”

  1. Tagging and adding links are tow different things. There is a field to the right of the edit window to add tags. Tagging isn’t totally necessary for searching since most search engines will index your entire blog, but they add organization and do facilitate query tools. Adding links can be done by simply copy/pasting, but it is better to select your word or phrase and then click the “add link” button in the edit menu.

    How do I accept your Liebster nomination?

    1. Ahh thanks Ed! Yes, I wanted to add links to the blog, so next time I need to do this, I will use these instructions!

      I believe the idea of the Liebster award is to allow for your blog to be recognized by more people. So in order to accept the award, you must write a blog post about the Liebster award, and mention the person that nominated you. You then find 11 other blogs (or you can do less), that you enjoy reading and are fairly new to the blogging world. Tag these blogs in your post, and give them questions to answer. Generally you give 11 questions to answer, but I only gave 5, as did Kaela, the girl that nominated me for the award!

      1. Thanks again for the attention Jolene but I’m not interested. Don’t take it wrong. I added your link to my blog roll because I like your site. But I am not comfortable with the Leibster thing. Feels like a digital chain mail letter to me. I know I should be more into self promotion with a blog but I’m not. I want readers but the Leibster is not my type of content.

      2. Thanks Ed! I completely understand your feelings! Now that you say it, it does remind me of one of those chain letters as well. I really enjoy your blog and was happy to nominate you for the award!

  2. What is your favorite meal? (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks): breakfast.
    If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change? more mindful.
    If you could go to the Olympics in one sport, which would you choose? Winter: biathlon. Summer: boxing.
    Jeans or sweatpants? sweatpants training, jeans out.
    Cats or dogs? dogs!

      1. My answers re: being of Olympian caliber…focusing on the words “if I could..”

        The Biathlon has always intrigued me. The heart rate is up after racing to a shooting site. Trying to calm it down enough to shoot accurately, then transition and race to the next objective is extraordinary.

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination, Jolene! I am really honored that you chose my blog 🙂 I’m looking forward to answering your questions!

  4. I felt so bad when I finally realized that you had actually nominated me! I didn’t get a kickback notification and then I felt like too much time had passed for me to participate. 🙂 I’m not just a slow runner, I’m a slow reader as well! Ha!
    Congrats on your well deserved award!

    1. That’s okay Suzan! You probably did not get a kickback notification because I didn’t know how to tag blogs! haha. Hopefully for the future I’ll know what I am doing :). I was more than happy to nominate you! Thank you for the congrats!

  5. Heya!! Jolene… thanks once again..
    well, here you go with the answers…

    Dinner is my favorite meal since that’s one meal I get to share with the entire family!
    I would love be more of a social extrovert and would choose cycling as my Olympics sport…
    I love dogs and prefer jeans over sweatpants… 🙂

    1. Thanks Joanne! Cycling would be really fun to do! Do you have a road bike? Now that the only thing I can do is swim, I am thinking that when I come back to running, I should give a triathlon a go! The only lacking component is a bike!

  6. I did some research into this the first time, it seems some versions do have 5 questions and nominations. Others I found had only three I think.

    And I can help with the question. To insert a link to specific words, you highlight the words or word you want to add the link to, then click on the link button above the text box, and paste it in. Simple as that! Tagging is completely different, and now I wish I knew where that article from one of my classes was on tagging. Blog posts can be tagged words or phrases that the writer choses so that all posts on a given topic can be linked. That way if I want to read more of your recipes, I cick on the recipe tag, and all posts tagged recipe will come up. I have a tag cloud on my main page showing my most used tags. You can click on any of those and see the posts that I used that tag on. If you have a Delicious account, you can tag the links you save so that later you can pull up all the links that you tagged, say, “book lists” so that you can see all those links at a glance. It’s kind of an internal search feature. Hope that helps!

  7. Thanks for the nomination Jolene! It’s an honor.
    I’ll complete the nomination by the weekend. In the meantime, can you advise on how to find bloggers with less than 200 followers? (I still have no idea how). 🙂

    1. Ahhh, yes I had to look through different topics in order to find blogs. However, for this round, I did not even pay attention to the amount of followers that the blogs had! The person that nominated me had 600+! I believe it is more an idea to get some of the newly started blogs some traffic? Anyways, I am glad you are excited about the award! 🙂

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