A background on what turned me into a runner!

I run because…

Hello fellow bloggers/readers!  Welcome to my blog.  I have a newfound passion for running and love talking about it.  Even if I only get one person that reads my posts, I enjoy the fact that I am able to share my experiences with others! 

What a crazy world running is.  I mean really, it seems quite silly to PAY money to put yourself through what most people consider “torture”.  And the best part is, the more “torture” you put yourself through (i.e. the greater the distance), the more expensive it is!  Now things really don’t make sense.  Yet, you see thousands upon thousands of people that decide to commit themselves to such “torture” across all running distances.

Somehow I fell into this crazy world, and feel myself getting stuck to it at a greater extent each time I step out the door for yet another run.  It seems odd, but I feel at peace in this world.  This “torture” does not relate to me as it does to some.  I find myself desiring it, as it elevates my mood, my energy levels, my overall being…  now I’m beginning to think I am an addict… .  Well that is not quite true, though the sport can get addicting.

Running is very unique.  It is the one sport that truly tests your body’s limits – both mentally and physically.  It can be very rewarding when certain goals are achieved.

Running defines me and allows for “me” time, when needed.  Oh, and an added bonus?  Eating delicious desserts and knowing that my run today or tomorrow will burn it off…of course within moderation 🙂


2 thoughts on “I run because…”

  1. Hey! I thought I’d come check out your blog, while I had some time 🙂 It looks great! And I really like the title haha…I’m looking forward to seeing what you post. You hit the nail on the head about the craziness of running…but I’m happy to be part of that world too!

    1. Haha!! Yeah sometimes my parents comment to me and say you’re spending how much to run how far?? It does seem crazy when you think about things in terms like that, but hey at least we chose a healthy thing to enjoy spending our money on! Can’t wait to write more and check out more of your posts as well!

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