Join me in my journey, while I cook on the run, literally!

As an aspiring runner, marathon runner at that, with a passion for the science behind cooking, life can be a little chaotic at times.ย  Quick meals for post recovery workouts, carb-loading the night or a couple nights before a big race, eating healthy, because well the past month of “carb-loading” didn’t seem to be the healthiest, all contribute to a diverse challenge in the kitchen.

I hope to share the musings of my daily life with all of you and educate you on the science involved in cooking and baking. Recipes and training tips will be sharedย along the way :).


17 thoughts on “Home”

      1. Hi! Jolene.. You’re welcome..
        well I didn’t give Statistics a shot post graduation..
        I am now working for an Airlines… ๐Ÿ™‚

        what about you??

      2. I am currently working as a food scientist…no statistics for me! I did have to take it in college though. I still have a passion for health and wellness, so perhaps those interests will lead me down another road in the future!
        I enjoy hearing others have “career changers”!

  1. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog post about sports and giving it a like. I just looked over your blog and it looks fantastic. You earned yourself a follow today, and one day, I hope to earn yours. – Sam @harderthinking.wordpress.com

  2. I feel your pain. After 37 yrs of running, being injured, being a competitive runner with many fabulous running times to my credit, many wins, many ups and downs–I have recently decided to put it all to bed! I’m done. I’ve taken up yoga and still swim and I walk. But the running no longer gives me joy. It’s painful as I’m now 57 and it’s taken it’s toll on this body of mine. I found I was slogging my way through each run and I didn’t care for racing any longer. And the yoga was bringing me great joy and light. It was giving me the inner peace I longed for when I first came to running. So one day I simply said: no more. And I don’t miss it at all! I was very surprised honestly for all the years I did it. Some years were very slim because of all the horrible years of injuries. Now I have utter peace. I hope you have all you are seeking. It’s all about movement I’ve found, and the flow of our body and the beating of our heart and our breath. Anyway we can get these things and still enjoy how we find them—then it’s all good! Namaste!

      1. Oh well that is a good difference!! I went through a very short spell of not wanting to run anymore. I was so burnt out after college, doing intense workouts, and feeling like I just lived to run!
        Life changes, and it’s good to adapt with those changes and continue to enjoy your daily activities!!

        Thanks for the luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wait – not to be totally stalking the comments but a food scientist?! That sounds awesome! I’m finishing up school in Biology/Education but have always had an interest in foods, nutrition, etc. I’d love to hear more about what you do on a day to day basis and how you got to be a food scientist!

    1. haha yes a food scientist!! It is quite a unique/exciting job!
      I work in product development. Basically I am in charge of developing/formulating new food products. I have several products that currently exist in the market that I created. It challenges the chef and science brain in you. The science part becomes involved with ingredient interaction, nutritional needs, etc.
      Feel free to ask me any questions about ti!

  4. Wow! great story. I’ve struggling with PF for over a year now, and the option for surgery is getting close. I love reading stories like this because my life is not functional if I am not running. Thank you.

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